Well, has many experiences we acquire in life and we never list on a Resume or CV (I think we should!)

Aug 2016 to date – eDataFarm LLC. 

Freelance Project Manager for Google Inc.
  • Duties:  Market Research, Predictive Marketing research/advisor, Web Analysis, eData Management for Google Research Projects in South America and Europe (Google Voice Search).


Jul 2012 to date – Leapforce at Home and Appen Butler Hill

Freelance Search Engine Evaluator for the most popular search engines on www (Google, Baidu, Bing/Yahoo) – Brazil
  • Duties: Evaluation of keywords, content and design of websites and reporting to Search Engines.


Jan 2015 to Jan 2017 – Caribbean Marketing Unlimited LLC.

Marketing Director (USA)
  • Duties:  – Marketing Consulting, Marketing Planning (Strategy, Execution, Analysis, Improvement), Marketing Project Management, Small Business Setup, Market Research, Predictive Marketing research/advisor, Reputation Management, Web Analysis, eCommerce Development – Improvement – Marketing.


Jan 2013 to Jan 2015 – Freelancer

Marketing Consultant (USA, Caribbean, South America)
  • Duties:  – Small Business/Home Business/Online Business Setup, Market Research, Predictive Marketing, Marketing Planning (Strategy, Execution, Analysis, Improvement), Reputation Management, Web Analysis, eCommerce Development – Improvement – Marketing.


Jul 2009 to May 2012 – Unique Company Ltd.  

Marketing & International Relations Manager – Cayman Islands
  • Duties: Multilingual Marketing Campaign Creation & Administration, Recruiting and Manage Out Source Staff in the Caribbean and South America Regions, Market Research Management, Marketing Plan & Strategies Development Focused in International Marketing, Marketing Campaigns Creation for International Market, Translation of Marketing Material for local and oversea clients (Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian); General Web Marketing project management such as: Website/Web System Development, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, Multilingual SEO for International Marketing, Google Tools (Adwords, Adsense, Analytics); Graphic Design for International Market; Management of APP projects; Management of Marketing Projects for Import/Export (Trading) including Commodities Trade Marketing and Clientele Research; Measure Marketing Strategies Results (QB/Excel data analysis, Surveys, Analytics). Creation of Multilingual SEO Keyword Database in 32 languages and dialects for Tourism, Real Estate, Exportation (Automotive, Beverage, Clothing, Organic Food, Beauty Supplies, Financial Services, Health and Fitness products/services), Planning & Management of Marketing Campaigns in Trade Shows, Software Localization project management, Event Creation, Management and Promotion.


May 1991 to May 2008 – Portuguese Teacher

Education Department – Brazil
  • Portuguese language teaching to Portuguese Natives and Non-Natives


Life Experiences as “Alien”

I like how Americans refer to foreign people: “Alien”… Cute!

I have traveled to 43 countries so far and still counting, let’s see how many more I am able to do in five years or so! I never travel only for a simple vacation, each trip has a Social/Cultural Research purpose. When is possible, I like to join groups of locals to do small works or help with some social causes.

Among all ways to help, I really like to be an interpreter within the four languages I can speak. It’s magic how learning a new language can make your world bigger and help to drop the walls imaginary build on the edge of each nation, each culture, each human being.