In July, 2010 I have graduated in Master of Science in Marketing Management in the University of Southampton. My life as student in a university, taking turns working, trying to improve my English, administrating the “hard duty” of adult life, become a goal very hard to be accomplished, however, I got it!

After the graduation I specialize in Digital Marketing in the University of Illinois.

Before all the above, I licentiate in Brazil as Portuguese Teacher, also took technical courses such Graphic Design, Web Development, Web Marketing and SEO Specialist in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Some Extras

As life doesn’t stop (at least if you are not dead yet!) I enjoy my time taking some extra courses in different areas, just to learn a bit, and a bit more about certain things I was curious about:

  • Incoterms (Logistics Basics)
  • Bookkeeper (Quickbooks)
  • Online Sales
  • Adobe Family
  • Google Web tools
  • Social Networking Marketing
  • SEO – Local & Multilingual
  • Marketing Digital
  • Branding promotion in the International Market
  • Affiliates-PPC-Banner Exchange – Article Marketing
  • Multilingual Marketing – Global Marketing
  • Multilingual Marketing – Exports Industry
  • International SEM: Search Engine Marketing in Tourism Industry
  • Multilingual Marketing for Tourism and Real Estate Industries
  • Cultural Research (For Marketing)
  • Google Tools
  • Multilingual Marketing x Socio-Cultural Issues
  • Psychology of Purchase Decisions
  • Neuroeconomics: how the brain makes decisions
  • Computer Assembly and maintenance;
  • Networking Setup and Maintenance
  • Photography Techniques



  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • InDesign;
  • Illustrator;
  • Acrobat;
  • PageMaker;
  • Dreamweaver;
  • AfterEffects;
  • CorelDraw;
  • PhotoPaint;
  • QuarkExpress;
  • Camtasia;
  • Vegas;
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher);
  • OpenOffice;
  • QuickBooks;
  • Wamp;
  • Trados